🌄Game Introduction

The Way of the Warrior Rice

It is the period of Mizu-Edo, a chaotic time where various types of Food battle for supremacy and culture.

You begin your journey as a Novice Samurai, born in the Rice Kingdom and trained in Rice-Fu. You took an oath to protect the Rice Kingdom against foreign invaders. Your family lineage comprises of multiple generations of highly regarded Sushi Samurai.

As you roam the lands of the Rice Kingdom and experience more battles, your strength and skills will improve.

Your loyal sidekick condiment will always be in battle by your side, growing together with you and helping to collect the spoils of battle.

AFK Mode

Many Village Chiefs have already heard of your budding renown. They offer to only take a small fraction of your rewards in exchange for your service. A friendly Village Chief has sent an invitation letter as well.

Where would the road take you, Samurai?

Boss Hunting

Ever so often, raid bosses appear in the Rice Kingdom.

Some mysterious talismans are occasionally found by wandering Samurai that can be used to attract them.. The brave Samurai that defeats it gets a bounty from the Rice Emperor.


The Mega War isn't just a battle; it's a grand buffet of bravery where clans roll up for glory, dip into strategy, and slice through the competition.


"This is our land, best land, homeland!”

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