🍱AFK Mode

Many Village Chiefs have already heard of your budding renown. They offer to only take a small fraction of your rewards in exchange for your service. A friendly Village Chief has sent an invitation letter as well.

Where would the road take you, Samurai?

Choose a land to play on

Player start on a random land, and they can switch between lands to play on. Each Land is an tradable NFT that has a tax rate set by the owner.

AFK Game Guide

  1. Samurai will fight mobs automatically. The defeated mobs will drop Rice fragments

  1. Pet automatically picks up the Rice Fragments, called Harvested Rice Fragments

  1. Player collects it to the Rice bag.

  2. Once the Rice Bag reaches it's maximum limit, it cannot be increased any further. Maximum Rice limit is 4,509,601,296.

Whenever player collects to the rice bag, it's subject to the land tax set by the land owner.

In order to Collect, player must first complete Harvest


IconNameDescriptionAffected by

Dropped Rice Fragment

Samurai fights mobs which will drop rice

Samurai Lvl.

Harvested Rice Fragment

Pet collects dropped rice

Pet Lvl.

Rice Bag

Player share of the AFK game rewards


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