📖Book of Umami (Glossary)

It's a simple glossary


Profile Page

Get your referral code, view referral rewards


Purchase Samurai skins, Pet skins, Items.


Access your Samurai skins, Pet skins, Items.


Check ETH and SSS balance, export private key.


View the land you're playing on, change land, manage land you own. *Requires level 2 samurai to access land

Lucky Coin

Minigame of chance


Check Airdrop Eligibility, Claim Airdrop


View currently available Quests



Toggle Between Samurai and Pet

Click on the Samurai's Pet image to toggle to the other. View and manage each character this way.

Character collection speed

Shows the collection speed of current character. Both Samurai and Pet have their own collection rate.

Level up

Level up Samurai or Pet, depending on which is currently selected. Levelling up increases speed.

Change Skin

Change between skins you currently own for Samurai or Pet. Purely cosmetic.

Dropped Rice Fragment

Samurai fights mobs which will drop rice

Harvested Rice Fragment

Pet collects dropped rice.

Rice Bag

Player share of the AFK game rewards.

Countdown (For Rice Fund)

Countdown is the time before the Refund be Harvested, which makes upgrade costs free.

Rice Renewal

Rice Renewal resets the entire progression and redeems all the Rice Bag rewards (as SSS)

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