"This is our land, best land, homeland!”

Rules of Engagement

  • Landwar is a seasonal event, starting at the end of each Megawar, until one hour before the start of the next Megawar.

Land Victory

  • Players can score points for their lands by doing activities that earn points whilst on the Land

  • The top 5 Lands with the highest points receive rewards

  • The Land Owners of the winning lands will receive 20% of the reward, and the remaining 80% is split amongst all Clan Members based on their point contribution.

WinnersReward Distribution

1st Place


2nd Place


3rd Place


4th and 5th Place


Joining a Land

  • Players can switch to a land they want to play on

  • If a player switches Lands, the points he earns on the previous Land is not transferred over. Any new points he earns will accrue to the current Land he is on.

Activity Points

Activities that earn points can be checked from the Flipside page.


Land Ranking

The ranking of each Land can be searched for the current season as well as past seasons using the Flipside page.


Player Points

The total points of each Land and Player can be found using the Flipside page. It's also searchable by Land Number and Player Address.


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