🌉Bridging to Blast

This page contains references to external applications, use at your own risk. This page is purely informational and we are neither liable or responsible for loss of funds / inconvenience.

Getting on Blast

There are a few options to get onto the Blast Network.

1. BitMart

Bitmart supports transfers to and from the Blast Network.

2. BingX

BingX supports transfers to the Blast Network.

2. Official Blast Bridge

Bridge from ETH to Blast and vice-versa, withdrawing funds takes some time (14 days).

3. Unofficial Bridges

You can bridge from other networks to Blast aside from Ethereum by using an Unofficial Bridge.

Potentially save on gas cost by doing so, but other bridge solutions may charge their own fees on both deposits and withdrawal.

If unofficial bridges have insufficient liquidity, the fees might be higher, or not support withdrawal at all. As a last resort, you can use a combination of bridges, eg, bridge in via unofficial bridge on Arbitrum and bridge out via the Official Blast Bridge. We expect Unoffical Bridge liquidity to improve after some time. Here are some unofficial bridges (we don't endorse any, so DYOR): https://twitter.com/rhinofi https://twitter.com/Orbiter_Finance

Add RPC (Blast Official Docs)

Please use the Blast Guide to add RPC for the Blast Network

RPC Details

Network Name: Blast

RPC Endpoint: https://rpc.blast.io

Chain ID: 81457

Currency Symbol: ETH

Block Explorer: https://blastscan.io

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