🍙Lucky Coin

To the Sushi Samurai, every coin flip is a whisper from the ancestors, a nudge whether to unsheathe the chopsticks or sheath them in peace.

Set up a Match or Join one

  • Players can choose to play on an existing Match, or create their own

  • All Matches are created by players

Setting up a Match

  • To set up a Match, just define the bet amount

  • Once confirmed, the Match becomes available for other players to join

  • After another player plays the Match, the Match is finished.

Join a Match

  • Find an available game, indicated by the 'Play' button

  • Wait for the results of the Match

  • If Win, go to the Game History to Collect Rewards

Collect Rewards / View Game History

Randomness for Lucky Coin

Randomness for Lucky Coin is generated by using a future block. This creates strong randomness, but because the smart contract is only able to get block hash of 256 blocks history, if a player joins, match and wins, he should claim the reward immediately or at least in 255 blocks (8mins), otherwise the winnings are lost.

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