🎓Game Rewards Explainer

Reference Price SSS = $0.000000013

Current Tax snapshot (22nd April)

From previous SSS contract (pre-exploit snapshot) : 23,592,419,841,230 SSS (Link here)

From current SSS contract: 8,839,864,142,311 SSS (Link here)

Total = 32,432,283,983,542 SSS ($421,619)

Check tax amount

The taxes collected from token trading can be verified from the SSS token contract


Taxes are one of the main game rewards generator.

Each time a transaction is made, a 2% tax is collected. 0.4% goes to developer operations, 1.6% becomes rewards for the game.

AFK Mode rewards

  • Similar to Sushiswap's Masterchef design

  • The game rewards are split between players based on the amount of Rice they own compared to the total amount of Rice in existence. This is shown as the Rice Bag.

  • The reward calculation is done each time there is an update to the pool (eg, when any players Claim, Rice Renewal)

  • When a player does Rice Renewal, his Rice Bag resets to zero, and the total supply of Rice decreases. This way, the remaining players get more future rewards.

Filling the Rice Bag

  • Players must complete 'Harvest' which refunds the SSS spent on upgrades back to the player

  • After the first 'Harvest' is completed, players can start to 'Collect', which moves the Harvested Rice Fragments to the Rice Bag.

  • 1 Harvested Rice Fragment = 1 Rice in the Rice Bag

Incubation Period (21st April - 3rd May)

  • Players are given some time to prepare and complete 'Harvest' before rewards start

  • Game rewards are added starting from 3rd May 2024

  • As a result, the UI shows $0 as value for now

  • $ number will be updated once the rewards begin

Bootstrap Period (3rd May - 2nd August)

It's a 3-month period of stable-ish rewards comprising of:

  • Taxes accrued from TGE till 3rd May, when Incubation period is over

  • Game Booster

Boostrap Reward Schedule

  • Rewards are added on a per block basis. For simplicity, estimated $ / week is shown

The amount could be higher since this is based on the tax snapshot on 22nd April

Real-time rewards (3rd May onwards)

Real-time rewards are the main form of rewards in the game.

  • Players earn both Real-time rewards and Bootstrap rewards during the Bootstrap Period.

  • After Bootstrap rewards phase-out on 2nd August, real-time rewards continue in perpetuity as long as the game is running.

**Extra notes**

SSS is fair-launched

*Ecosystem: Covers marketing, listings, grants, IP development *Team: Unlocks incrementally based on token trading volume - 0.031% of each buy / sell volume

SSS is deflationary

SSS is deflationary by burning in-game store revenue.

In-game Store Revenue

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