đŸĒ™SSS Token

What is SSS?

SSS isn't an infinite emission token, and there isn't an complex zero-sum balancing equation typical of most web3 games.

It's the ultimate fair launch with 80% of the initial supply added to LP initially, and no presale overhang.


SSS was listed on Thruster.fi on 17 March with liquidity seeded from the Land Auction.

100% of the land auction proceeds (326.6ETH) was used to pair with 80% of the SSS total supply.


SSS serves as the main transactional token in the game, used for progression as well as rewards.


SSS is used in the game to level up the Samurai and Pet that is required to play the game modes. This is a soft-staking mechanism, because the level up cost is fully refunded after a countdown which depends on how well-optimized the Samurai and Pet are.


Across the three main game modes, players can collect SSS. The SSS rewards originate from:

Reward Origin

Token trading Tax

When you trade SSS, you're generating rewards for the game

On-chain gas fees paid to contract owners on Blast

When you play the game and pay on-chain gas fees, you're generating rewards from the game

Yield from ETH in the LP Pool

When you own SSS, the more ETH there is in the LP pool, you're generating rewards for the game


The result is a fair launched game token without emissions, and where most of the circulating supply sits in the LP pool and the game.

From game to protocol, more than play — it's a collaborative ecosystem where players and creators contribute to the saga.

For a detailed breakdown of the token supply, please see here

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